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Jere Baxter Middle School: Creating Personalized Opportunities for “Game-Changers” 
Posted on 01/27/2022
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Jere Baxter Middle School was built on a parcel of East Nashville land sold by attorney and prominent railroad executive Jere Baxter and his wife, Mattie Baxter, on December 3, 1887. The terms stipulated in the deed were “five dollars” and that a schoolhouse be established on the land for teaching children.  Jere Baxter students in class

Nearly 135 years later, Jere Baxter Middle is still cultivating scholars to show the world what it means to be a Red Hawk through the pursuit of excellence every day.

Each scholar engages in rigorous culturally responsive lessons to grow their academic excellence and restorative practices with a deep focus on Social-Emotional Learning integration. Jere Baxter's administration and faculty are helping students work effectively across lines of differences and constructively solve personal conflict by building a toolkit to help navigate any challenges life may throw at them. 

The school’s academic programs include daily 55-minute blocks for literature, math, science and social studies, each taught through blended learning, which combines traditional classroom instruction with digital instruction. The Gifted and Talented program supports gifted students, ensuring they are challenged as they learn. Jere Baxter classroom, students hands raised

Jere Baxter students also can earn high school credits through Advanced Placement classes in the areas of physical science, integrated mathematics and Spanish if they qualify. 

“In every scholar, you will find a thinker, inventor, leader and game-changer,” Executive Principal Dr. Kisha Cox says. 

Jere Baxter works hard to ensure Every Student is Known by creating personalized opportunities for scholars to connect with their teachers, peers and other adult advocates to support their academic growth and emotional and social wellness.

Every Monday, Jere Baxter scholars complete a weekly needs inventory to share their celebrations, academic concerns, intervention support requests and family needs and identify other personal obstacles. Scholars engage in a daily community-building experience with their grade-level teachers and other school and district-level personnel. Scholars have virtual enrichment opportunities during the school day that support their academic needs and personal interests.  

Jere Baxter Middle School Facts 

  • Created a laundry facility for scholars and families to use for free. This initiative was born out of a concern for each student’s health and hygiene.  
  • The school has a computer lab for parents to use free of charge to assist in receiving resources, employment and help with their children’s assignments.  
  • Partners with local businesses, cosmetologists and barbers, who provide free haircuts and hairstyles for the scholars throughout the school year.  
  • Rewards scholars for their good behavior with opportunities to travel out of town on field trips to Kentucky Kingdom, the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga and the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.  

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