Gifted and Talented Education


Gifted and Talented Education - GATE 

For Grades K to 8

The Program is Formerly Known as Encore

Metro Nashville Public Schools strives to ensure appropriate academic services are available to students who are academically gifted and talented. Students who are academically gifted and talented perform or have the capability to perform at higher academic levels compared to others of the same age. 

Academically Gifted and Talented students require sufficient access to appropriate learning opportunities to realize their full potential. The Office of Gifted and Talented Education along with MNPS Gifted & Talented Teachers work in collaboration with school leaders, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to ensure academically gifted and talented students are afforded opportunities to participate in differentiated classes that are designed to encourage academic achievement and growth. 

  • The Gifted & Talented program in MNPS is called Gifted and Talented Education and is taught by teachers with the title of Gifted & Talented Teacher (G&T Teacher). 
  • Students are considered for screening for GATE services using both qualitative and quantitative data, including district benchmarks and universal consideration tools.  
  • Eligibility for GATE services is determined using a multiple measures matrix, which includes district benchmarks and a cognitive aptitude test.  
  • District wide testing consideration and administration to determine GATE service eligibility takes place in the Spring semester of each school year in grades K to 7 in all MNPS elementary and middle schools (this does not include charter schools).

Spring 2023 GATE Testing

We will conduct testing for the 23-24 School year in March.  We use both quantitative and qualitative data to determine eligibility for testing. 

  • Teachers in grades K-7 will use our "Universal Consideration Tool" to recommend students for testing consideration. 
  • Parents can contact their child's school or the GATE office to ask for testing consideration.  
Pre-K Students

We will not test Pre-K students for early entry to GATE for their Kindergarten year this year.  Students enrolled in Kindergarten at an MNPS school (not charter) will not be testing during the first nine-weeks of their Kindergarten year due to lack of quantitative and qualitative data to support testing decisions.  

Gifted and Talented Curriculum

GATE classes provide opportunities for gifted and talented students in grades K to 8 to participate in classes designed specifically for academically gifted and talented learners. The curriculum is hands-on, interactive, and problem-based with a focus on developing students' critical and creative thinking abilities. Instruction is interdisciplinary and aligned with Tennessee content standards.

GATE classes meet weekly at each K to 8 school.

For more information about gifted and talented children, visit the National Association for Gifted Children website.


If you have questions about the GATE program, please email the Gifted and Talented staff.