Celebration of Schools

MNPS has a school for everyone. Our schools serve every corner of Nashville and Davidson County, from dense urban neighborhoods to rural areas and everything in between.

Each of them is unique, and yet they all share a common mission. They've taught and trained and cared for hundreds of thousands of young people, building foundations for success year after year. 

No matter what challenges the world has brought - floods, tornadoes, a global pandemic, and more - our schools have stood strong and always continued to put their students and their communities first.  

Throughout the 2021-22 school year, we are celebrating our schools on this site and across MNPS social media with history, facts, and photos, and we want you to join the party, too.



Featured Schools


Show Your MNPS Pride

Celebrate with us this year, and here's how:

  • Follow the Celebration of Schools schedule and share the stories.
  • Wear your favorite school’s colors on the day it's featured (or any day, really)
  • Attend a school event, whether athletics, theater, family nights - or all.
  • Send a note to a teacher, administrator and/or staff member.
  • Share your memories and photos and support your favorite school's athletic events, community gatherings, and other activities by tagging your school and @MetroSchools with #EverySchoolKnown on social media.