Celebrating Early College

Celebrating Early College High School
Posted on 12/03/2021
Early College Students

Early College High School is an innovative high school located on the Nashville State Community College campus. It provides students with an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and start college early while earning credits toward a certificate or degree.

Early College gives students a roadmap that accelerates them through a rigorous high school course of study, helping students earn transferrable college credits while still in high school at no cost to students and their families.  Early College Student getting award

In January 2006, MNPS Middle College High School opened on the Nashville State campus with 29 students. The school has since been renamed MNPS Early College High School and now enrolls 194 students. 

Early College students are tasked with more academic responsibilities than the average high school student, but they are also given more freedom to voice their opinions and thoughts concerning their high school experience.  

“We have a nurturing environment where everyone - teachers and support staff - is invested in students and works extremely hard to put our kids in the best possible position to be successful,” Executive Principal Roderick Manuel says. “It’s that nurturing environment that we have at Early College that makes us special.” 

Early College students in grades 9 and 10 are in high school courses; students in grades 11 and 12 are enrolled full-time in college courses at Nashville State.

In addition to small class sizes, Early College ensures Every Student is Known by offering personalized support to help them handle the rigor of taking college courses while in high school. This model mimics a college advisory process. Each student receives an individual weekly check-in regarding both academics and personal wellness. Early College High School is a community where students are engaged, and they are safe, loved, and ready to learn.  two male students doing peace symbols with hands

Early College offers seven different pathways, ensuring every student can find an area of study that resonates with them most:  

  • Information Systems  
  • Business Administration  
  • General Studies  
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Health Sciences  
  • Computer Science  
  • Music/Fine Arts  

Associate degrees earned through Early College High School directly transfer to seven public and six private higher education institutions in Tennessee. Students who choose to attend a school outside these 13 options can transfer the majority of earned credits to many colleges and universities across the state and outside Tennessee. 

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