Celebrating DuPont Tyler

DuPont Tyler students record a weekly morning announcements show.
DuPont Tyler Middle, Hermitage Neighborhood School
Posted on 11/18/2021

DuPont Tyler Middle School, home of the Bulldogs, is a centerpiece of the Hermitage community.  

Students, faculty, and staff are surrounded by the traditions and history of prior graduating classes at the Tyler Drive school, the former home of DuPont High School. The home of President Andrew Jackson, The Hermitage, is a short distance away, embedding national history into what makes DuPont Tyler Middle School a special place.  DuPont Tyler teacher in class

The school’s faculty and staff include individuals who have seen over 20 years of DuPont Tyler, allowing newer staff to understand the changes that have occurred over time. The school celebrates its diversity, as seen in its faculty, staff, and students.   

The DuPont Tyler school community has placed a focus on the well-being of their students, introducing a climate and culture that supports a healthy and safe learning environment. Developing a positive culture has allowed the teachers to support academic growth for all students, understanding their needs on an individual basis.  

DuPont Tyler provides the following specific and unique examples of how they are demonstrating that Every Student is Known in their building:
  • Incentives through LiveSchool, a program used to award points to students for following school-wide expectations, attending school, and performing with high achievement within the classroom. Points are tabulated to provide incentives for students who receive 80% of the possible points they can earn.
  • Development of the B.R.A.V.E. (Bulldogs Restoring A Virtuous Environment) Council, which supports student voice. 
  • Sown to Grow – a teacher and support services initiative used to identify the individual supports needed of students. 

DuPont Tyler Middle School Success

  • The school moved from a TVAAS Growth Score of 1 to TVAAS Growth Score of 3 in ELA during the 2020-2021 school year. 
  • Exceptional Education students showed a TVAAS Growth Score of 4 in the 2020-2021 school year. 
  • The Restorative Practice Team has helped to support a downward trend in the exclusionary practices needed.  

DuPont Tyler strives to put into practice their “Be EPIC” motto every day. To be EPIC at Dupont Tyler, one should strive to build the foundation of VALOR (Values, Accountability, Leadership, Organization, Responsibility). Valor means to have strength of mind, great courage, and great bravery. 

“DuPont Tyler Middle School’s focus on building an EPIC learning environment has supported the development of an EPIC faculty and staff, building the foundation for academic growth in our EPIC student body, which is supported by our EPIC families” Principal Frederick Hewitt said.  

DuPont Tyler’s building sits on the site of the former DuPont High School, built in 1930.  By 1937, the high school’s increased enrollment necessitated the first addition to the building. A football field was provided with lights, the first such field in Davidson County with facilities for night games. A new gymnasium was added in the early 1940s. 

Sadly, disaster struck in November of 1967, when the school was destroyed by fire. In 1969, a new facility was built, retaining the DuPont name. Years later, the school was renamed Dupont Tyler Middle School.

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