Celebrating Harpeth Valley Elementary

Harpeth Valley Elementary: "Stronger Together"
Posted on 10/26/2021
Harpeth Valley Elementary school building

At Harpeth Valley, there is a lot of pride in being a Hound Dog!   

Located on Learning Lane in southwest Davidson County, Harpeth Valley Elementary takes its name from the valley of the Harpeth River that runs near the school. The original Harpeth Valley opened in the 1930s through the consolidation of South Harpeth and Harding schools and the addition of elementary grades from Coleman Brown School. Construction was completed and the first building opened in 1939. The current Harpeth Valley building opened in 1996, with an addition in 2009.   1_HarpethValley_studentreads

Harpeth Valley’s motto is “I am a Harpeth Valley Hound Dog. Today I will be safe, act responsibly, respectfully and kind.” Drawing on that motto, the school has implemented a positive behavior support program they have named BARK. Vanderbilt University and the Tennessee Department of Education have recognized Harpeth Valley for the past five years as a model demonstration school for their implementation of this program.  

Students earn a BARK ticket when they are observed Being safe, Acting responsibly, Respectfully or Kind. Each month the school recognizes students and classrooms based on the tickets earned. In addition, each class selects one student as its monthly “Top Dog” who exemplifies the BARK behavior expectations.  

Students and staff work hard to meet the school’s vision to be the top-performing elementary school in the state. The Tennessee Department of Education recognized Harpeth Valley as a Reward School for the 2018-2019 school year based on multiple factors, including academic achievement, academic growth and attendance.   

All Metro schools are implementing strategies to ensure they meet the district’s focus on ensuring Every Student is Known, and Harpeth Valley’s teachers, staff and partners are no exception.   

  • All Harpeth Valley students have a navigator, a staff member who checks in with them face-to-face and monitors their weekly computer check-ins.  
  • Teachers, administrators, counselors and the school’s literacy coach participate in data team meetings to discuss student progress toward academic and behavior goals and make adjustments or interventions when needed.  
  • This year is the inaugural year at Harpeth Valley for the “Move This World” program, which helps students develop a deeper self-awareness, stronger relationships, communication skills and a culture of safety and support.   
“It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the principal of this incredible school,” said Dr. Ann-Marie Gleason, principal. “Harpeth Valley Elementary has a tradition of providing excellence in education in the Bellevue community for over 80 years. Our faculty and staff work diligently to create an inclusive environment that meets the needs of every child that we serve. Our theme for this year is ‘Stronger Together,’ and we are blessed to continue to receive incredible support from our parents and community members.”   
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