Charter Schools

MNPS Charter Schools

The Metro Nashville Public Schools district is recognized across the nation as one of the more successful authorizers in fulfilling the charter promise of “greater decision-making authority in exchange for greater responsibility.”

Our Belief

The MNPS Office of Charter Schools believe in a world where all children and communities are empowered through exemplary education.

 Our Purpose  

  • Provide options for parents to meet educational needs of students;
  • Encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods and provide greater decision-making authority to schools and teachers in exchange for greater responsibility for student performance;
  • Measure performance of pupils and faculty and ensure that children have the opportunity to reach proficiency on state academic assessments;
  • Create new professional opportunities for teachers; and
  • Afford parents substantial meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their children.
  • Improve learning for all students and close the achievement gap between high and low students;

Tennessee charter law calls for the “Identification and implementation of systems of dissemination of charter schools' most promising practice.” Our office is pleased to have been recognized by the Metro Nashville Chamber of Commerce for our work in this area. Several strong partnerships are up and running, with many more to come. The ultimate beneficiary of this practice will be our students.

Charter Schools

See our Schools page for a list of Nashville charter schools.