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About the Academies of Nashville

"When am I ever going to use this?"

We've all heard that question before from students as they do their homework or sit in class. In fact, it is a great question! It is important that learning be as practical as possible, and this is central to our mission at the Academies of Nashville.

Recognized by the White House as a national high school transformationacademy of healh model, the Academies of Nashville provide students with one of the best college and career prep experiences in the nation.

Students have a choice of 35 different academies within the largest 12 neighborhood high schools offering a practical, hands-on approach to learning in fields that interest them, ranging from engineering to healthcare.

The Academies empower students through career exposure so they can make timely, informed decisions and discover their true passions while earning early college credit and nationally recognized industry certifications. General education content is taught through the lens of their academy, while more than 365 business and community partners provide authentic experiential learning opportunities at every level.

The Academies of Nashville Offer

Rigor: All students form a deeper understanding of required academic subjects, electives, and specialized courses to prepare them for college.

Relevance: Teachers incorporate real-world examples into all academic and specialized courses. In the Academies of Nashville, we strive for every student to participate in at least one experiential learning activity every year of high school. Experiences are designed to build upon one another in order to narrow a student's postsecondary focus.

Relationships: Students share smaller personalized environments with classmates with common interests and a team of teachers who serve as their advocates.

Readiness: Connections with business and community partners provide students with 21st-century skills for post-secondary and career success.



Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

We want to give our students every opportunity to learn about their areas of interest. At the Academies of Nashville, our students experience:

Career Exploration Fair

 Freshmen have the opportunity to talk to industry professionals from more than 400 different career areas and attend at least one college visit. In Freshman Academy, students receive classes through a core team of teachers who share students to provide supports for student achievement.

Industry Fields Trips

Sophomore students attend industry field trips to to confirm or reevaluate academy choices through real-world experiences.

Job Shadowing

 Junior students gain insight into the daily realities of their professions of interest. Students complete a one-day job shadowing experience during which they observe professionals in a career area related to their academy.


 Senior-level students participate in hands-on experiences in which they can see the importance of their studies first-hand and form valuable connections with industry professionals

Preparation & Inspiration for the Real World 

We place an extremely high value on first-hand experience so that our students can make informed, inspired choices about their areas of study. Our program includes...

Academy Showcases

Students can explore what each academy has to offer in order to decide what is right for them.

The Capstone Experience

Students participate in Senior Capstone, where they complete research related to their academy choice. This research includes a college-level paper, portfolio, development of a related product and a public presentation.

And More!

While enrolled in their academy, students can complete their choice of advanced academic classes, honors, and global arts and music courses. Every pathway within the 39 academies offers pathway dual credit and often an industry certification.

In addition to the academy pathway courses, students can earn early post-secondary opportunities through Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge, or Dual Enrollment through their general education courses.

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