Community Achieves

Linking Students & Families to Opportunities & Resources

Community Achieves is an MNPS school initiative, led by the district's Support Services Department, linking students and families to enrichment opportunities and vital community resources. We work closely with partners and volunteers to provide wrap-around services to our students and families.

Our partners bring their expertise and desire to make all the difference in the lives of children and families by providing support for things such as academics, extra-curricular activities, and working with us to remove any barriers to learning.

Read the 2018-2019 Snapshot report.

Our Efforts are Focused on Four Crucial Pillars of Support

H.G. Hill student reading with tutor

Partner with MNPS in Schools

Individuals, groups, non-profits and organizations can get involved with Community Achieves and make a real difference in our schools, and community. How to get started:

  • Register as an MNPS Partner to stay informed about opportunities to connect to schools and to hear what’s happening around the district.
  • Take a look at the Strategic Plans for our schools to read more about the schools and their specific needs and requests. (2022-2023 Strategic Plans coming soon!)
  • Contact a Community Achieves Site Coordinator.
  • Contact Community Achieves to learn how you can get involved.


Volunteer and partnership opportunities at schools can be just one day or can take place throughout the school year.

Below are some examples of how you, or your agency, can work, organize, or participate:

  • after-school programs
  • lunch buddies
  • drives for things such as food and clothing
  • teacher appreciation events
  • beautification of classrooms and schools tutoring