MNPS Voices: Kelsey Carrico

MNPS Voices: Kelsey Carrico, teacher, Lakeview Elementary School
Posted on 04/21/2022
K Carrico

In Kelsey Carrico’s second grade class at Lakeview Elementary School, students are learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar. They study how the insects grow, change and develop into butterflies in real time.

Carrico sees changes just as drastic in herK carrico students by the end of the year. One of her favorite parts of teaching elementary school students is how much they grow and develop academically. And the moments when students grasp concepts are huge for their self-esteem.

“I love seeing my kids pick up on concepts I’m teaching, especially when they hit the aha moment and it affects their confidence moving forward,” Carrico said.

Lakeview Elementary, like all MNPS schools, incorporates Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and individualized learning in the classroom every day. Students start the day with a morning meeting. Carrico poses a question to get students talking and interacting with each other. The meetings allow students to build relationships and speak their minds, which opens the door for classroom participation.

Similarly, academic lessons begin with a welcoming ritual to set a positive tone for learning and end with an optimistic closure. In the optimistic closure, Carrico touches base with students to see how they felt about the topic and identify where a student needs personalized support. Personalized learning uncovers weaknesses and strengths within a student and focuses on supporting those specific areas. Even when students are struggling, Carrico knows the importance of expressing a consistent belief in their abilities.

“I focus on being a positive influence in their lives,” Carrico said. “And they know that school is a safe, stable place where people are kind and rooting them on.”

Carrico has only taught in elementary school, but the downfall of teaching young learners can be the short attention spans. She loves the challenge; she thinks of new and exciting ways to keep students engaged, like turning questions and answers into a game show. More than once, questions have been directed back to their teacher, asking, “you go to the grocery store too?” (she does) or “were you born in the 1900s?” (She was not.)

Teachers and administrators at Lakeview have a shared goal to support the whole student. This means not only success in academics but also as people. As the semester ends, Carrico reflects on the year and gives advice to her students as they move on to third grade.

“I want to tell them to always try your best, it doesn't matter if you fail 100 times — just keep trying and don’t give up,” Carrico said. “I want them to believe in themselves and remember that they are stronger than they think.”

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Lakeview Elementary currently is enrolling in-zone students for next year. Learn more about what Lakeview has to offer for your student and check the zonefinder. For additional school options in the district, visit Find My School.

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