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Early College Program Accepting Applications
Posted on 07/20/2021
Early College graduate

Applications still available for incoming 9th and 10th graders.

Through our innovative Early College High School Program, students graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate degree from Nashville State Community College,Early College social graphic at no extra cost to families. Students are ready to enter the competitive workforce with relevant skills and knowledge, an extra step ahead of their graduating peers.


  • Students can explore industries of interest to them: When students enroll in Early College, they get to take classes that relate to the specific real-world jobs they may be interested in. Academic advisors provide real-time insights on how the materials they cover now can expand their career options — and their post-graduation paychecks.
  • A unique college experience - in high school. Students will take classes on a college campus, with peers enrolled in both high school and Nashville State Community College. They’ll get the chance to network and work alongside peers who are also navigating college courses, and who also may be working on similar classwork.
  • Access to personalized support: Every student in ECHS(P) is known – students receive personalized support through college and career coaches.

  • Early College opens the door to potential scholarship opportunities: Associate degrees earned through the Early College Program directly transfer to seven public and six private institutions in Tennessee. Students who choose to attend a different school though, will be able to transfer the majority of earned credits to many institutions both across the state and outside of Tennessee.

Early College Program is Free

Dr. Lori Green has taught at Early College High School for two years. Green can’t choose just one story of success or a favorite memory while at ECHS because there are far too many. Every year, she witnesses students learning to deal with real-world challenges to reach their goals. Lessons that benefit students for the rest of their lives.

“ECHS is a team of dedicated educators committed to nurturing diverse talent,” Green said. “With compassion and kindness, we cultivate in our students and families the essential knowledge and character traits necessary for success in high school, college and life beyond.”

Where are ECHS Graduates Now?  

Sikiru Ekunsumi graduation photoSikiru Ekunsumi graduated from Early College High School in May 2020. He graduated with not only his high school diploma but also earned an associate degree in science from Nashville State Community College.

Because he attended ECHS, he is now a thriving junior – and only one year out of high school - at Tennessee Tech University studying computer science with goals to work in cybersecurity/data science.


Karolin Abouelyamin graduation photoKarolin Abouelyamin graduated from Early College High School in May 2020 as Valedictorian. She graduated with both her high school diploma and an associate degree in biology from Nashville State Community College. She is currently on the path to graduate from MTSU with a bachelor’s degree in biology and minors in psychology and chemistry by 2022, just two years after graduating high school.

Her ultimate goal is to continue her education and become a doctor.


Early College for Your Student  

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