Tests and Assessments

District Testing and Assessments

Our schools are committed to providing all of our students with the education that they need to succeed, and to do that, we must accurately measure their progress and the performance of our educators.

We also are committed to providing our students with everything they need to perform well academically. We use this testing and assessment data to improve our methods and to better prepare our students for life after graduation.

To help our students be prepared for tests, many of our schools also host frequent events and activities around testing time to help build student confidence, have fun, and review relevant materials. To find out what your child's school is doing to help them prepare for their assessments, ask their teacher or call your school's main office.

Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP)

The Tennessee Department of Education has prepared and provided resources to help families better understand TCA state assessments for English language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Read the informative materials on the Tennessee Department of Education website.


Annual Testing Schedule

2023-24 Assessments


Testing Procedures and Policy 

Metro Nashville Public Schools abides by strict security codes surrounding testing to ensure complete fairness during testing and zero ambiguity when test results are released. Protocol for test proctors includes specific regulations regarding how tests are administered, taken, and scored, what testing environments should include, drug policies, and much more.

In the event of a security breach, our teams have a solid action plan to investigate and rectify the situation. For more information on how our tests are administered, you can read the test security policy.


Testing Tips and Resources 

State Assessment Calendar

This calendar includes state assessment dates only.