Register Your School Support Organization

School support organizations must register with the district annually per the School Support Organization Financial Accountability Act.

To register a School Support Organization, follow the necessary steps outlined on this page annually.

Step 1

Register or Renew with the Tennessee Secretary of State Business Services.

Step 2

Required Officers must take the district's mandatory school support organization training.

  • Training and additional documents and sample registration packet are on the document and resource page in the folder titled "Registration Packet and Financial Training."

Step 3

  1. Download the Registration Packet, which can be found on the document and resource page
  2. Next, the organization should prepare and email a completed registration packet to the Support Organizations team.
  3.  Please ensure your organization has followed all steps and submitted all required documents no later than August 1st of each year.  



For any additional questions regarding school support organization registration, please email the the MNPS Support Organizations staff.



All annual school support organization paperwork is due after the fiscal year end of June 30th and no later than August 1st of each year.  Each school support organization that was an active organization in Metro Schools must also submit their revenues and disbursements annually during this timeframe as required by law.

Required Training

School Support Organization Officers are required to take the mandatory Financial Training, whether you are a current or new officer, before submitting the registration packet by August 1st each year. At minimum, the President or Co-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer or Co-Treasurers must complete the training.

The training presentation and assessment can be found on the document and resource page.


Resources & Documents

Metro Schools appreciates all the support and hard work of our active school support organizations. 

The expectation of our district is that each active organization become knowledgeable and comply with all state and federal laws as well as district policies and procedures related to school support organizations.  School Support Organizations are responsible and accountable for being familiar with the laws and fiduciary responsibilities of their organizations. 

Your organization can find additional resource documents for school support organizations on the document and resource page to assist you in your efforts. 

  • Your organization or individuals in your organization can subscribe to the document holder on the document and resource page. 
  • You also can subscribe to specific folders or documents within the document holder for updates. 
  • The document holder contains a listing of Metro School's current and active school support organizations as well as other resources to assist each group on requirements to operate effectively.