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Posted on 08/31/2021
Librarian and Students in class

The Personalized Student Dashboard gives families insight into student accomplishments to celebrate and areas for their student to focus on – all in the same place. 

The MNPS Personalized Student Dashboard, easily accessible via the Campus Portal account, is one of 14 Signature Initiatives for Metro Schools that currently are in development or already exist to ensure Every Student is Known.  

“The dashboard streamlines different MNPS platforms and creates one centralized place families can visit for a visual overview of academic progress checks,” said Dr. Paul Changas, MNPS’s Executive Officer of Research, Assessment and Evaluation.  

With a comprehensive review of assessment scores, like TCAP and the MAP assessment, as well as class grades and attendance, families can easily pick up on a pattern and, if needed, make a plan for improvement or connect with a school counselor or teacher for even more specific, targeted support and additional resources.  Personalized Student Dashboard

High school students also have access to the Academic Plan feature within the Personalized Student Dashboard, which tracks graduation credits by year, both completed and upcoming, to make sure students are ready to graduate on time with all the necessary credits.

From the short term to the long term, the student dashboard can help all students ensure college and career readiness.

How Families Can Use the Personalized Student Dashboard

The student dashboard isn’t just for students. Families can use the Personalized Student Dashboard to monitor key progress metrics for their students and use this information to connect with teachers.

“Families and parents want to help and be a part of their child’s learning, but many don’t know where that starting point is,” said Larry Miles, a Data Coach Coordinator with Metro Schools. “This platform allows families an entry point into being able to ask those questions.”

Kristen Sisk, a Data Coach with more than 12 years of experience in MNPS, uses the Personalized Student Dashboard in her daily job responsibilities coaching educators.

Sisk knows that it’s important not to overwhelm families or students with data, and she encourages families to instead start small with these three things as they explore the dashboard:

  1. Recognize the good and find something to celebrate.
  2. Find one thing – only one thing – the student can work on and focus on that first.
  3. Set a goal for improving. 

“We share a lot of stuff with parents,” said Sisk. “This dashboard helps parents become an active player in their student’s focused outcomes and understand what it all means.”

Find your Student’s Personalized Student Dashboard

  • If you haven’t already, sign up for a Campus Parent account.
    • You will need an activation code to create the account. Your student's school will give you the activation code.  
  • Once you’re logged into Campus Portal, navigate through each category using the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Dashboard Phase 2

As the district looks to add even more student data in Phase 2 of the Personalized Student Dashboard, we are looking for feedback from families on what’s working well within the dashboard and what features families would like to see added.

Families can submit an online survey and share feedback on the dashboard by Oct. 1.

If you need translation assistance, please call the Family Information Center at 615-259-4636.

“We want students to take an active role in this process, and we want the whole family to be involved in this goal-setting process,” said Changas.

Dashboard Overview Videos

These videos will offer overview and instruction for using the dashboard.

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