Celebrating Hickman Elementary

Hickman Elementary: A "hidden gem in the heart of Donelson”  
Posted on 01/24/2022
Hickman students reading on the floor

Hickman Elementary School is a family of learners built on respect and focused on growth. The school serves a richly diverse population of 377 students. It’s a place where 20 languages are spoken, and 20 percent of the students are English Learners.  Hickman students reading on floor

Every Student is Known at Hickman through teacher collaboration, personalized learning, and classroom engagement. The school provides support and resources to meet the needs of all students, including Encore for gifted and talented students as well as English Learner services for students and families who primarily speak another language. 

The administration ensures every student is given the opportunity to succeed by seeing them first as learners and acknowledging that faculty and staff also must continue to learn. The school strives to make it possible for every individual to find their purpose by building a culture of community on a foundation of love and respect. They work to accomplish both through consistent academic focus and by establishing a culture of care. Hickman student drawing

Facts about Hickman

  • Hickman received a 2019 grant to host the "Read to Be Ready" summer camp. Forty-eight students spent four weeks at the camp, which provided opportunities to improve reading and writing skills while building knowledge through interactive activities, quality texts, and meaningful field trips. Students also received more than 20 quality books for their own personal libraries.  
  • Hickman Elementary and Donelson Middle School share a campus. The location is convenient for families with multiple students attending both schools. The shared campus also facilitates a smooth transition into middle school.  
  • Fifth grade will be added at Hickman for the 2022-23 school year.

Hickman is now more than 60 years old. Through negotiations for the Ray Farm, the original property was acquired in 1955. Named in honor of longtime Judge Litton Hickman, the school opened in the fall of 1958 with 500 students and 18 teachers. 

The original Hickman campus was on Ironwood Drive. An annex on Maplecrest came later to support with overcrowding. The current Hickman Elementary School opened in the fall of 2000 on Stewarts Ferry Pike. 

“Hickman is truly a hidden gem in the heart of Donelson that welcomes all to learn and grow together,” says Chris Holmes, executive principal. “I can attest that the faculty and staff are deeply invested in the potential of every student. They take pride in watching the students learn and grow and are honored to be a part of their lives. Collectively, we have built a caring and nurturing community of learners that takes pride in making sure Every Student is Known.” 

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