Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is the Responsible use of Technology to Learn, Create and Participate.

To empower students to be effective users of technology and information, the implementation of a Digital Citizenship curriculum must be a priority. 

Digital Citizenship teaches students not only how to stay safe online, but how to express their opinions, communicate with others, recognize the truth versus what is fake news or clickbait and maintain a healthy media balance. It also gives students the skills needed to make positive choices that will allow them to be successful in their futures.

MNPS Librarians are taking the lead on implementing the Digital Citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Media by teaching lessons regularly throughout the school year.


We're All in This Together

Partnering with families to support our students in becoming safe, ethical, responsible, and respectful digital citizens is important. start by setting expectations that take into account each child's age, health, personality, and developmental stage. Using a family media agreement helps set clear expectations so that children understand their family's rules for device and media usage. 

Here are some resources from Common Sense Media to support family learning and conversations about digital citizenship at home. together, we can help our students stay safe online.

Common Sense Media Resources by Grade Level