Khullun Avery, Scholar Athlete of the Week

Scholar Athlete: Khullun Avery, Hillwood High School
Posted on 10/15/2021
Khullun Avery Headshot

Khullun Avery is a junior at Hillwood High School. He found his passion for running from his father, who is an avid runner himself. This Hilltopper currently has a weighted grade-point average of 4.16 and just completed his goal of improving his time for this cross-country season. 

Who inspired you to start running cross-country? How long have you been running?

KA: I have been running for sport on and off since I was 6 years old. My father gave me the inspiration to stay with running for competition as well as training. He is great runner, athlete and an excellent coach. Keeping up with him keeps me in shape.

Cross-country is 10% physical and 90% mental; how do you apply that when you run at a meet?

KA: I stay focused mainly on completing the cross-country course. Getting to the finish line is the goal.

What do you like best about your sport?

KA: I try to challenge myself each meet. The rush of adrenaline and building my endurance feels good.  Hillwood High cross country runner

Can you share a creed, quote or philosophy you use to push through each race?

KA: I do not have a quote, motto or philosophy that I use when preparing for a race. I just stay in the moment; I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

What goals have you set for the cross-country season, and how are things going?

KA: My main goal for this season was to improve my time each race. I have accomplished that, and I am trying to go further.

Sometimes you have to run through muddy trails, steep hills and the hot sun; how do you finish your race?

KA: When it rains, it can get a little messy with the mud and the cold. Although the inclines are steep and tough, once you get to the highest point you can gaze out on the scenery and head straight to crossing the finish line.

Beside cross-country, what other interests or hobbies do you participate in?

KA: Once cross-country season is over, I can take a break for a while and then start preparing for America’s favorite sport … baseball.
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