Pre-K Services

Exceptional Education Services for Pre-K Students

At Metro Nashville Public Schools, we understand developing the whole child is critical to building a strong learning community. We believe every student has the ability to succeed, and inclusive education is the norm and ensures a high-quality education for every student.

Preschool classrooms and exceptional education services, described on this webpage, help equip children by laying the foundation for academic success and lifelong learning through curiosity, inquiry, discovery and joy!

Additional Information 

MNPS Pre-K Program Sites

MNPS Exceptional Education services are available in the following locations throughout Davidson County. 

Early Learning Centers

The Early Learning Centers, or ELCs, are dedicated Pre-K learning environments in an exclusive early learning setting. MNPS has four Early Learning Centers:

Elementary School-based Classrooms

School-based classrooms are located in elementary schools across the district. School-based classrooms may provide a Pre-K opportunity in a student’s zoned school. MNPS has 155 school-based classrooms across Davidson County.


Montessori classes bring children together in multi-age groups, rather than classes comprised of just one age. Montessori early learning classrooms span three age levels: PS3, Pre-K, and kindergarten. MNPS has two Montessori programs:

Head Start Classrooms*

MNPS partners with Head Start to support 3 and 4-year-old students with disabilities in classrooms as seats are available. Head Start locations: Berry, Douglas, Dudley, North, Richland, Susan Gray and Tom Joy. 

*Head Start is an MNPS Community Partner.

MNPS Exceptional Education Services

Students in all program sites are provided a meaningful learning experience with play and discovery implemented through a developmentally appropriate learning curriculum. IEP goals and/or objectives will be targeted and embedded in instruction in a supported educational setting.

Developmental Learning Centers

Development Learning Centers (DLC) are located in Early Learning Centers (ELC) and elementary schools.  The DLC offer a curriculum based preschool group experience focusing on a student’s individualized educational goals. Therapy is embedded into sessions with a focus on articulation, language, and/or cognitive, social, and physical development led by a speech language pathologist and/or special educator as needed.  

Itinerant Exceptional Education & Related Services

Related services (PT, OT, speech-language, etc.) and supports from an exceptional education teacher are implemented in general education pre k classrooms located in ELC, elementary schools and Head start. Pre-K classrooms may have age eligibility requirements that students must meet prior to acceptance. 

Self-Contained Preschool Services

Self Contained classrooms are located in ELC and elementary schools with other pre k classrooms. Self-contained classrooms are typically a smaller group of students with a disability, a special education teacher, and at least two paraprofessionals.     

Blended Preschool Services

Pre-K “blended” classrooms are located in elementary schools, ELC and Head Start centers across the district. Each classroom is supported by a special education teacher and at least one paraprofessional. Blended classrooms are comprised of typically developing 4-year-old students and 3, 4, or 5-year-old students with a disability. Some blended classrooms may have typically developing 3-year-old peer models.