Student Poetry

Students Write Poems About What They Love
Posted on 12/01/2021
Tulip Grove Student
Reading a book called “Love That Dog” brought out the love in Tulip Grove Elementary School fourth-graders.

After reading Sharon Creech’s novel, which was inspired by the late children’s book author Walter Dean Myers and his poem “Love That Boy,” about 80 students at the Hermitage school wrote their own poems about the things they love: family members, animals, teachers, foods, games, even Tulip Grove itself.

“We followed the same kind of rhythm and pattern that Mr. Walter Dean Myers did, using all the skills they had learned from reading and the novel,” teacher Katie Hediger said of the writing exercise she and fellow teacher Joni Grimes led. “So they were able to create their own really fun, creative poems about the things they care about most.”

Watch the video to see a few of the Tulip Grove students read their poems about the people, places, and things they hold closest to their hearts.
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