James Breeden, Scholar Athlete of the Week

James Breeden, Glencliff High School
Posted on 09/17/2021
James Breeden

How excited are you about playing football this season, especially after missing half of last season?
JB: I am super excited about being able play this entire season. During a regular football season, we usually get our momentum going and keep that high energy until the end of the season. However, missing several games last year, we were not at our highest potential as a team.  This year we have done several trainings and practices and are ready for what the season throws at us win or lose.

Who or what inspired you to play football? How long have you been playing?
JB: I have watched and played football for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to play and got my opportunity in eighth grade.

The excitement of the game is what inspired me to play.

James Breeden-Glencliff High SchoolIs there a coach or athlete you look up to as a role model and why?
JB: Every player, whether on the collegiate or professional level brings experience to the game. My all-time favorite is the G.O.A.T. - Tom Brady.  Brady’s work ethic and determination is what I try to mimic when I am practicing and especially when I play on Friday nights. He works hard at everything he does and I believe we should also.

What do you enjoy most about playing football?
JB: If I am not enjoying being out on the football field, neither will my teammates. I know we have a job to do which is win or play our best and I want that to show up every quarter of the game and have fun while we play.

In your opinion, what makes an excellent football player? Does that apply to you and why?
JB: I believe what you place your attention towards becomes excellent. An excellent football player, to me, shows up early and stays late for practice. He puts 110 percent in the game, is a motivator to his teammates and keeps a level head no matter the outcome of the game.

I believe that this applies to me on and off the football field. I want to be that football player that people remember not only for his skills but also for who he is as a person.

What personal football goals have you set for this season? Any team goals?
JB: My goal for this year is to show improvement from previous years and bring a few wins to the Glencliff High School football stadium. Go Colts!

Do you have any pregame rituals or mottos that prepare for each game?
JB: I do not have any pregame rituals that I do prior to the game. I close my eyes, try to silence everything around me, tell myself to do my job and get ready to play.

What should fans look forward to when watching the Colts on the football field?
JB: Colts fans should look forward to watching the Colts and cheer us on because no matter what happens, we will not give up.



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