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Sylvan Park Paideia: Active Learning to Pursue a Meaningful Life
Posted on 12/07/2021
Sylvan Park teacher and student

Sylvan Park Paideia Design Center is an elementary school in West Nashville, with a Paideia program that advocates all learners practice the critical thinking, communication skills, and attitudes necessary to earn a living, be an active citizen, and pursue a meaningful life. Sylvan Park student reading in class

Paideia is active learning — fostering critical and creative thinking through Socratic seminar, intellectual coaching, and authentic action. 

These practices, along with the Multi-Tiered System of Supports process, are part of the Reward School's Every Student Known strategies. Their teams meet bi-weekly and monthly to review academic data, intervention progress monitoring, attendance, and behavior, allowing teams to capture information about their students. Faculty and administrators are then able to hold conversations around specific students to gain more knowledge on meeting student needs.

This year these meetings are built into faculty calendars to ensure they occur on a regular basis. The Sown to Grow program is another way the Sylvan Park faculty is addressing student social-emotional concerns. This is a collaborative program that ensures the students receive the supports they need immediately. Sylvan Park music teacher

Sylvan Park Paideia Design Center is in an area closely associated with the early history of Nashville. In 1906, when west Nashville was incorporated into greater Nashville, the new little community was without a school. Sylvan Park was constructed in 1907 to serve students in 1st-8th grades.  

Today at least half of the school’s population comes from the surrounding neighborhood. The school has strengthened its engagement within the community by hosting the district’s biggest fall social, an annual holiday event that includes a sing-along, an offsite community partner game night and potluck, and the annual Paideia project showcase.  

Sylvan Park Paideia Design Center, which is often called Sylvan Park, is on a mission to prepare students to live their best life by nurturing and supporting the development of social, emotional, and academic growth through the teaching of civil dialogue, real-world projects, and critical thinking.

Sylvan Park has a panther as their mascot, and their school colors are blue and gold.


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