Celebrating Murrell School

A Nurturing and Supportive School for Every Student
Posted on 02/28/2022
teacher and student holds hands across table in classroom

Murrell at Glenn School offers educational and therapeutic services designed to improve social skills and reduce inappropriate behaviors for students in kindergarten through seventh grade. The school also provides supportive services such as counseling, mental health evaluation and social work. teacher and student hold hands across desk in class

All students who attend Murrell are placed through an Individual Education Plan (IEP) process. The school follows the same academic guidelines as students in general education schools. Each classroom has a team of three adults: a special education teacher, a paraprofessional and a Centerstone mental health behavior coach. Students participate in group counseling twice a week led by their behavior coaches. 

Murrell faculty and staff believe disabilities may always be a challenge to their students, but they do not believe they are a permanent roadblock to success in life. They strive to provide a school environment that is supportive, consistent and nurturing, which is what their population requires.

student with gecko on his headThis is in addition to Murrell's Every Student Known strategies, which can take effect outside the building as well. Paraprofessionals ride the bus with students to foster positive relationships with students and families. Murrell staff start their school year before students enter the building by conducting home visits. Students and families are thrilled to get extra support from staff members when they show up for students’ extracurricular activities and special events. 

Murrell students take pride in their school. They wear the school colors, royal blue and white, and are happy to have a Mustang as the school’s mascot. But students are especially excited about the school pet, a bearded dragon named YOSHI. 

“At Murrell, every day is a new day where students have another opportunity to practice the skills necessary to re-enter a typical school environment, which is one step closer to them becoming successful community members,” said Susan Siegel, Murrell’s executive principal.

The school was a special education center when it opened in 1975 at the Cavert School. It relocated in 1989 to what became known as the Murrell School building. The most recent relocation occurred in 2018, when Murrell moved to the old Glenn Elementary School building. 


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