Celebrating Glenview Elementary

Glenview, the "Lighthouse School," is a community beacon.
Posted on 08/31/2021
Glenview Student in Class
In 1951, Glenview Elementary School opened its doors to students in grades 1-8. Glenview student in class

The school, which was initially Vultee School, housed a number of Army barracks at the time. After a petition from the Vultee parent-teacher association, a special board meeting was called to officially change its name to Glenview Elementary School.  

The patriotic red, white, and blue school educates students who soar high like their mascot, the Eagle. Through its vision, the faculty and staff at Glenview create a school culture that emphasizes academic growth and achievement.   
Glenview students represent 13 different countries and speak 13 different languages, offering a diverse student body. 

For many  years Glenview has partnered with Kenrose and Sunset elementary schools in Williamson County for a clothing drive for students and families. Every student gets to select multiple clothing items, and parents are invited to pick out items for their entire family.

Glenview is committed to Every Student Known by using data-informed decision-making to meet the needs of students.

Teachers have data notebooks for all students and constantly monitor student progress through attendance, reading, and math. The Eagles also focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) and have a transition plan for fourth graders who matriculate to middle school.

The faculty and staff practice research-based instruction strategies, maintain high expectations, set individual SMART goals for each student, and provide diverse curriculum and instruction to meet the academic and social and emotional needs of every student, every family, and the community.  

Glenview is affectionately known as “the lighthouse school” because it sits on the hill as a beacon of light, providing resources for the community.

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