COVID-19 Tracker

Tracking COVID-19 Impact

Welcome to the Metro Nashville Public Schools COVID-19 tracking site, where we will share the impact that has on our schools in terms of positive cases and quarantines. 


COVID-19 Reports In Schools

Important Note on the Data:

  • Numbers include all cases tracked by the Student Health Services department. Includes virtual and in-person cases reported to the district.

  • Quarantines include students or staff who reported symptoms of COVID, not necessarily an MPHD-required quarantine. Quarantines will represent the number of "active" cases, beginning with new cases reported starting November 16, 2020.

  • Case counts below 5 are listed as "< 5" due to health privacy concerns. Numbers do not necessarily indicate transmission of the virus inside the school building. 

  • Case counts are updated weekly each Monday.