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Stanford Montessori: Cultivating Independent Thinkers and Caring Individuals 
Posted on 03/08/2022
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Stanford Montessori Elementary School is a pre-K through fourth grade school in Donelson that offers students self-directed and hands-on learning. The school accepts children through the school choice application process beginning at age three. stanford teacher and student

Stanford, as it is commonly known throughout the community, has three classroom configuration styles:

  • Primary - multi-age: 3-year-olds to kindergarten students
  • Lower Elementary - multi-age: grades 1-3
  • Fourth-grade transition

Montessori is a method of education based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Stanford’s teachers are either certified Montessori teachers or working on their certification.

Stanford, which was built in 2002, ensures that Every Student is Known by following each child as they grow and learn. Lessons are differentiated and given as students are ready. As a result of that philosophy, students learn to be self-sufficient, independent thinkers and caring individuals.  

Some of the Montessori methods include teaching writing before reading, fostering scientific and mathematical aptitudes, and cultivating a nurturing appreciation for history and timelines. All testing occurs by teacher observation and authentic assessment.  

The classrooms are conducive to self-determining learning, a cornerstone of the Montessori teaching philosophy. Lessons are structured throughout the day to allow students to pursue what interests them while working on the floor or at tablets (not desks). Students learn using all their senses, moving from concrete to abstract subject matters throughout their days.

“Stanford Montessori is a beautiful place for students to learn and grow,” says Dr. Olivia Travis, the school’s executive principal.  

Every day, Stanford strives to fulfill its mission, which is “to create a high-performing learning culture while nurturing students to grow academically, respect differences, act with purpose, communicate effectively and encourage others.”  stanford student in class, on floor, working

Facts about Stanford

  • Stanford is one of two public Montessori schools in MNPS 
  • The school maintains a garden in its courtyard
  • Stanford has a chess club and a garden club
  • The school colors are dark blue and gold


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