Hiring School Assistants and Substitutes

We're Hiring School Assistants and Permanent Substitutes
Posted on 02/24/2022

It takes many different roles and dozens of dedicated employees to make a school run day in and day out. One of those critically important roles is that of a substitute. Substitutes provide instructional support for students in our classrooms, assist in our cafeterias and libraries, and help our schools when they need an extra set of hands.

While some of our substitute roles can be picked up daily, Metro Schools is also hiring for a general school assistant/permanent sub position, which is a full-time position. These employees are assigned to one school for the entire school year.
mnps hiring perm subs

Martha Bowden (right), the general school assistant/permanent sub at Meigs Magnet Middle School, has worked as a substitute in Metro Schools for 22 years. As a full-time permanent substitute, her responsibilities and schedule change on a daily, or sometimes even hourly, basis. Her tasks can run the gamut from being an extra set of hands in the front office to substituting for a teacher who is out of the building.

Bowden believes that since she’s become a full-time substitute, she’s in a better position to become familiar with students and get to know their individual needs.

“The best experience about being a permanent substitute,” she said, “is building the trust and relationships with students and watching them grow and mature through the years.”

“If a person enjoys [being around] children, then substitute teaching is a great job. It is even more rewarding to be at the same school each day,” said Bowden.

And the schedule is a perk too, she said. “For the most part, I can leave my job at school each day, and, if you have children, it’s great because your work schedule follows the school calendar.”

mnps hiring permanent subs

Gehan Chenouda (right), a permanent substitute at Thomas Edison Elementary School, has been a substitute teacher in MNPS since 2019 and enjoys building relationships with students, the stability and security of a permanent position, and the benefits she’s eligible for as a Metro Schools employee.

“What I like the most is being able to help students understand a piece of information or practice a lesson,” Chenouda said. “I feel so happy when students enjoy their day.”

“I will say that helping people is great; having full benefits is marvelous, and going to the same school helps in being a member of a big family,” she said.

Chenouda’s executive principal at Edison, Dr. Sonya Whitmore, agreed that Chenouda’s position is critically important to student success.

“Every day we have teachers out which often disrupts learning for students - and the permanent sub position lets our students learn without disruptions,” Whitmore said. “Ms. Chenouda is shining light at Edison and truly has a servant’s heart.”

Permanent substitutes are integral members of the school family, according to Nancy Buppert, who is currently placed at Harpeth Valley Elementary School.

“The best part of my job is that I feel supported and appreciated by the school’s faculty and staff,” she said.

“My job is always unpredictable, but it is a labor of love,” she added.

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General School Assistants/Permanent Substitutes Position Details

  • Candidates should have at least 60 hours of completed college coursework
  • Pay starts at $15.67 an hour for candidates with 60 credit hours or less than a bachelor's degree. Candidates who have a bachelor's degree or higher, but do not have a TN teaching certification start at $15.86 per hour. Candidates with a valid TN teaching license can earn $16.24 an hour.