MNPS Voices: Audrey Moore

#MNPS Voices: Audrey Moore, Exceptional Education Teacher, Haynes Middle
Posted on 02/17/2022
A. Moore portrait in class

Teaching came naturally to Audrey Moore from a young age. As the oldest kid in her Georgia neighborhood, she took her teaching anda. moore in her classroom leadership role seriously. Decades later, Moore is still energized by education and has been with Metro Schools for 35 years.

“I am driven by simply seeing students taking in my lessons and catching on to concepts,” Moore said. “That keeps me motivated.”

Currently, Moore is an Exceptional Education teacher at Haynes Middle School, but she was first hired at MNPS to pilot the Moderate Intervention Behavior Program (MIP) in elementary schools –
a program she is proud to have spearheaded. MIP essentially started the work she does now, allowing Moore to connect with students who need additional classroom support. She pulls them out of class to work in a smaller learning setting that grants one-on-one attention. The MIP program was a success under Moore’s guidance and continued to be implemented in additional schools in the district.

“The program worked. After my success, they started placing MIP programs all over the district,” Moore said. “I found these students learn better in a small setting and they feel more comfortable and at ease. They can really learn and understand lessons without feeling lost in a larger classroom.”

Moore likes to stay busy. She also provides homebound services to students who are unable to be physically in school and recently signed up to help with MNPS’ high-impact tutoring program, Accelerating Scholars. Her work is what she loves and is the focus of everything she does.

Even after a personal hardship, Moore came back to school as soon as possible. When Moore’s coworkers asked about the quick return, she simply said: “The children, the school atmosphere, everything here is therapy for me. This is all I know.”

The students and families Moore works with value her open and consistent communication. This allows her to build trust in the relationships and is why she’s had so much success. As an exceptional educator and homebound teacher, she has countless stories of students who were struggling with academics but with her help were propelled into general education classes with their newfound confidence.

"When I see my former students in the community, they always remember me by name  and greet me in a friendly way." Moore said. "I always ask what they are doing now with their lives."

Many of her former students have excelled after high school. Their educational success inspired them to pursue highly levels of education to enroll in colleges and universities, many have obtained degrees.

Moore genuinely believes in the students she teaches, and that makes all the difference.

Moore's Philosophy of Education

Perseverance and determination are the two most important factors for success! Through hard work and the will to succeed, all children can achieve and overcome obstacles.


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