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DuPont Hadley: “Challenging, Developing, Encouraging” 
Posted on 01/13/2022
Dupont Hadley music class

DuPont Hadley Middle School, in the heart of the Lakeside community of Old Hickory, was built on property near the old DuPont High School in 1969. The high school gym remains as a functional building on campus and serves as a reminder of the high school that burned. After a major renovation and construction project was completed in 2005, the school now boasts 35 classrooms (grades 5-8) with wireless capability and has a state-of-the-art media center.   students in metal drum class

The students at DuPont Hadley excel in academics, the arts and athletics while learning to successfully navigate the path from adolescence to young adulthood. As part of the school curriculum, which focuses on STEM, literature and arts, DuPont Hadley offers four high school credit classes. The school also sponsors the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program for students.

DuPont Hadley strives to make sure these students take advantage of the services and programs offered. In addition, the school offers the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, which is designed to help underachieving students with high academic potential prepare for entrance to colleges and universities.   

One of the most impressive aspects of DuPont Hadley is how intentional they are in practicing Every Student Known. DuPont Hadley is a restorative and SEL-based school, which means they use restorative practices when dealing with discipline and encouraging their students to make good choices. The school created a youth court five years ago, which consists of students who are trained in restorative practices listening to court cases provided by the administration. The goal of this court is to help students realize what they did, who got harmed, and how everyone can work together to repair that harm. 

The school also starts each day with morning meetings, which create chances to teach and practice those SEL standards. Students greet one another, share, engage in character lessons, discuss news and announcements, and, most importantly, build relationships with each other.  

Facts about DuPont Hadley

  • The school offers more than 35 weekly clubs 
  • First middle school in the state of Tennessee to start a youth court. Hadley’s youth court is featured in the new book “Discipline WIN,” written by Andy Jacks.
  • Hadley is an AVID Showcase School 
  • Offers a house system for students, teachers and staff DuPont Hadley teacher in class with students

House System

The house system is called Hadley Packs and consists of four types of bulldogs, since DuPont Hadley’s mascot is a bulldog. The school’s pack system was created to challenge, develop, and encourage each other, teach students how to rely on each other to contribute to the pack, allow the individual strengths of one member to advance the pack, teach responsibility, and finally develop trusting and lasting relationships. 

When students display these attributes, they are rewarded with pack points through DuPont Hadley’s online Live School system. These points can be redeemed for a variety of prizes such as time in the school’s game room (known as the Kennel), lunch with a teacher, being teacher or principal for a day, and even a homework pass. This system has transformed DuPont Hadley students into young people who are taking ownership of their learning and behavior and adults who focus more on positive actions and less on the negative. Most importantly, it teaches a sense of belonging and unity.   

Dr. Kevin Armstrong, DuPont Hadley’s executive principal, is very proud of the school’s many accomplishments.  

“Challenging, Developing, Encouraging: three words that encompass what Hadley is all about. We strive daily to ensure that our students are challenged, developed, and encouraged on our campus. Hadley is the second home to our students,” Dr. Armstrong said. “We welcome them with open arms each and every day.”  

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