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Antioch High School: Celebrating Diversity and Student Voice
Posted on 12/10/2021
Antioch students taking selfie at prom 2021

Antioch High School has adopted the motto “We Are Antioch!” It means students and staff are proud of the community, and they stand together.  teacher and student in sunny Antioch High School hallway

Antioch High School was the first school in the community, dating to the late 1800s. The school has changed locations several times but has always remained in the Antioch area. In 1932 the Davidson County Board of Education responded to the community’s request for a dedicated four-year high school located on the current campus.

Antioch has a diverse population of students with at least 36 languages spoken. They recognize that diversity should be celebrated in their Every Student Known strategies, including their annual International Day celebration. Students and their families are encouraged to celebrate and share their culture by presenting history, food, music, and clothing. 

Antioch has a unique peer mentoring program in which new students are paired with current students who share similar backgrounds. The more experienced students serve as mentors and offer support for a successful transition into school. Antioch also supports student voice as a strategy. They have an active Student Government Association that provides feedback from students and an opportunity for student voice in planning for school improvements.

Antioch is proud to offer many advanced academic opportunities, including the International Baccalaureate Programme. This curriculum helps students build critical thinking skills and develop their ability to solve complex problems. They also have several Academies of Nashville pathways such as the branded academy, the Tennessee Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance, which operates a fully functioning student-run credit union within the school. 
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Antioch’s commitment to the Antioch community is apparent with their full-time Family Resource Center. This center’s focus is to empower families by working with community partners to bring needed services and resources to the school. Each community partner dedicates their time, resources, and expertise to work closely with students by providing EL tutoring, health and wellness support, a food pantry, and student incentives. 

Antioch’s school colors are blue and white, and their mascot is a roaring bear. 

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