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Meigs Middle Magnet: Advanced Academics to Cultivate Lifelong Learners
Posted on 12/08/2021
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Meigs Middle Magnet School is dedicated to teaching the “whole child” through a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that allows learners to perform at high levels of academic and social development. The goal is to have all 700 students in grades 5-8 become enthusiastic and successful lifelong learners, creative thinkers, and responsible citizens in the global community. Through diverse curriculum offerings, students explore their talents in traditional and non-traditional academics.  Meigs student playing violin

In addition to core academic offerings, the Meigs curriculum includes world language courses such as Latin, French, and Spanish. Students in all grades choose from electives that include visual and performing arts, computer, physical education, band, and strings.

During the eighth-grade year, students select one related study course as an advanced class to attend all year. One of the elements of Meigs’ success is the accelerated and advanced curriculum offered to all eighth-graders. Students can earn a minimum of two high school credits; some earn as many as five.  

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Meigs Middle Magnet is an award-winning school. They have won the National Blue Ribbon School award for high-performing schools twice: once in 2013 and again in 2021. They are also a Tennessee Reward School. This middle school also boasts strong athletic and middle school programs, giving them the reputation of being a “powerhouse” of success.  
Social-emotional learning is an essential pillar of Meigs’ program, too.  

“The most important thing we do at Meigs is focus on social and emotional learning,” said Scott Underwood, the school’s executive principal. “This work is more than a program or a curriculum for us; it has become a belief system, a shared language, and a way of life. At Meigs we walk the walk, because it puts children’s well-being first.” 

Meigs’ commitment to social-emotional learning can also be seen in their everyday strategies of Every Student Known. They emphasize the importance of knowing and pronouncing each student’s name correctly and learning about each student’s interests. Classes start with opening rituals that require each student to answer a fun question or share out in some way. Teachers include weekly discussions and conversation in lessons, classes, and homework assignments.  

Teachers focus tirelessly on students’ SEL status by using SEL language, taking brain breaks, offering self-regulation tools, and practicing mindful breathing. With their SEL focus, they choose to operate under an umbrella of grace, assuming positive intent when interacting with each other at all levels. 

Meigs’ school colors are gray and maroon, and their school mascot is the Cavaliers.  

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