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Joelton Elementary: The heart of a Rural & Historic Community
Posted on 12/01/2021
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Joelton Elementary School is a small community school that takes pride in knowing their students and families. The school is located in the heart of a historic, rural community.  Joelton teacher and students

Joelton’s staff works hard to make Every Student Known by setting up meetings every two weeks to address students’ individual needs and what is required to be successful. Social-emotional learning support throughout the day is a vital part of the culture.   

Joelton creates an environment where all who enter are welcome and where every student can experience a safe, accepting place to learn and grow. 

"Joelton Elementary School is a family,” says Principal Dr. Rebecca Welch. “When you walk inside our school, whether as a student, parent, or staff member, you become part of a family that loves, supports, and works together to make sure everyone is taken care of and successful." 

Students participate in project-based learning and grade-level music programs. Everyone is provided academic enrichment opportunities as well as individualized academic support as needed. 

The school is named for the Joelton community, where the first Joelton Elementary School was built around 1900 on Bernard Road. There were two classrooms, and the enrollment varied from 30 to 40 students, with two teachers. In 1908, the county built a large frame school to accommodate the increasing enrollment. As there was no high school in the community at that time, the new elementary school offered 10 grades. In 1923, the high school was separated from the elementary grades. 

In 1932, a large, modern brick building was completed on Whites Creek Pike. In the 1940s, part of the old Lickton School and all of the Forest Grove School were absorbed into Joelton Elementary. In 1952-53, a cafeteria was added, followed by four new classrooms in 1966. 

In 1989, a new Joelton Elementary was constructed just down the street from the previous location, and the old building was torn down. The school mascot is the Blue Jay, and the colors are blue and white.


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