Hailey Hobbs: Scholar Athlete of the Week

Hailey Hobbs: Scholar Athlete of the Week Golf
Posted on 11/22/2021
She has completed and enrolled in numerous high-level academic courses, including Cambridge Assessment International Certificate of Education General Paper and English. Hobbs also has dual credits in business, marketing management, and advanced creative writing.

“Hailey is an amazing teammate. She is selfless, dedicated, and always displays the highest level of integrity,” says girls’ golf coach Gregory Francescon. “She has improved vastly over the season through her incredible work ethic, attention to detail, and persistence. This is Hailey's first year on the Lady Bobcat golf team.”

Read below to learn more about this first-year golfer and find out who inspires her to be her best no matter what.

Who inspired you to start playing? How long have you played golf?
HH: My father and my grandfather are behind my inspiration to start playing golf. For about three to four years, I mostly played for fun. I began to become more serious about playing and learning golf around 12 years old.

Where is the best golf course and why?
HH: Personally, I enjoy playing on McCabe Golf Course. I am familiar with the course mainly because I occasionally would go play golf with my father. The course has 27 holes, is easy to walk, and has a good range. This is great for when I need extra practice or time to perfect my golf swing. I do hope to continue seeing and playing on more courses like McCabe as I continue to play golf.

Golf is an individual sport that requires patience. What is your routine to help you remain focused on your game?
HH: I remain focused by knowing that I am not always going to have the perfect game, the winning shot or best swing. I allow myself to make mistakes, learn from them, and continue to practice. To truly sum it up, I give myself a little bit of grace every game!

What is the most rewarding part about playing golf?
HH: I am constantly evolving into a better golfer, a better player overall. The more I work at it, the more rewarding it feels.

Who is your golf role model and why? Hailey Hobbs swings golf club
HH: My father has always been my role model when it comes to golf. He has played his entire life, and he’s personally the best golfer I know. We all have our celebrity golf role models like Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie, or even Brooke Henderson, but I cannot say that. My dad is the one that’s gotten me into the game, helps with various techniques and just being there to cheer me on.

You are down to the last hole, what is the one thing that you say to yourself?
HH: I take a deep breath and tell myself that you have made it this far and to try my best. Trying my best is all I can do.

Golfing can be an all-day event; how are you balancing your academics and athletics?
HH: Communication and learning time management is key. My teachers are understanding. They are gracious and grant me an extra day or two to complete an assignment if I fall behind. I do not make it a habit, because my academics are important. I balance it out well by making to-do lists, and I’ve gotten better about managing my time, my studies, and practice.

Describe your worst sports performance. What did you learn from that experience?
HH: I participated in a tournament not too long ago, and I felt like the most inexperienced player that day compared to other golfers. That experience motivated me more to be the player I want to become and to keep working hard to get there.

Is playing collegiate golf in your future?
HH: Playing golf on the collegiate level is definitely an option I am considering. 
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