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Bellshire students
Bellshire Elementary: Relationships are at the Center of Everything
Posted on 11/15/2021
Bellshire students

Bellshire Elementary School is in the historic Bellshire community in northeast Davidson County. The school opened in September 1962 under the Transitional Board of Education with a 12-classroom brick building and an enrollment of 334 first- through sixth-grade students. At that time, there were only 10 teachers, one custodian, and four lunchroom workers.  

Also known as Bellshire Design Center, the school was built on a 13.5-acre tract of land that had been part of the 600-acre Dick Grimes farm, and it served the communities of Bellshire, Dalemere, and Bell Knob, among others. In 1969, a round building or “pod” that provided open-space facilities was added to the original structure. Mr. W.W. (Jack) Nicholson was the school’s first principal. 

The current principal, Dr. Donald Black, has this to say about Bellshire: 

“I believe that relationship-building is the center of everything. For students to learn, they need to know that we love and care for them; but for us to model that, we also must have established relationships with each other so that we can cultivate a family environment, the ‘eagle nation,’ as I call it.”  

Since the beginning, parent and community support has been key to the success of Bellshire Elementary. Academic programs and supporting community organizations that continue the tradition of excellence include:
  • Eagles’ Academy  
  • Girl Scouts  
  • Girls, Inc.  
  • Young Men of Excellence  
  • AMEND  
  • Sown to Grow  
  • Navigators  
  • Communities in School  
  • Bellshire Student Ambassadors  
  • Bright Path  
  • Student of the month  
  • Teacher and Staff Member of the month   

Bellshire practices Every Student Known in numerous ways:   

  • They have the NBA Club (Never Be Absent). Students with challenges in attendance receive individual support from an adult in the building, a monthly celebration of their work toward better attendance, and incentives to attend school.   
  • They have Navigators who serve as mentors for students conducting check-ins/outs with students. 
  • They have implemented Sown to Grow, which assesses the emotional health of students.   
  • Students are celebrated not only for their academic achievements but also for being respectful, responsible, and safe each month.   
    Morning meetings are conducted to address social-emotional learning (SEL) standards to foster the well-being of the whole child. 

Fun Facts about Bellshire

  • In September and October 2021, Bellshire was second in the district in Beanstack, the district’s reading tracker app, with 81% of students logging in daily. 
  •  Fourth-grade young men learn to tie ties and wear suits through the school’s “Young Men of Excellence” group. 
  • Students, teachers, and staff who go above and beyond are recognized during monthly celebrations.    

To sum it up, the key to Bellshire’s success is equipping students academically, socially, and emotionally. Bellshire is the school where every scholar, every day, is being prepared for life. This has given true meaning to the school motto of “igniting the spark in the students we serve!”
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