Celebrating Shayne Elementary

Shayne offers a culture of learning & neighborly support.
Posted on 11/03/2021
Shayne Elementary library
May Werthan Shayne Elementary School is named for a founding member of the Metro Nashville Education Foundation, an activist for children and families with a particular interest in troubled youth. Portrait of May Werthan Shayne in school hallway

The school opened in 2004 in the southernmost point of Davidson County on a property shared with the middle school many of its students go on to attend, William Henry Oliver. It is frequently referred to simply as Shayne. 

Shayne is a neighborhood school, with most of the students residing within a two-mile radius. It is a diverse school community where 24 languages are spoken. Students learn the Shayne Pledge, which reflects the school's commitment to honor diversity: 
"We pledge to be the best we can be, in our character and learning this you will see. We celebrate differences through respect. Kindness towards others you can expect. Together we stand for what is right. We Shayne Stars are Shining Bright."

The students shine bright in the school colors of yellow and blue while representing their mascot, the shining star. 

One of Shayne’s strategies to ensure Every Student is Known is using the Sown to Grow program for all students to set goals and report on how they’re feeling. Students also enjoy having student-centered and student-produced morning announcements that every class views each morning. During the announcements, students introduce themselves to the school community and add their own personal touches to the announcements. Every grade level is highlighted at some point throughout the school year.  

Shayne recently celebrated having its largest participation on Walk to School Day, with more than 200 students and families participating.

“Shayne Elementary is a wonderful place where students and adults come together to grow and learn. This is a culture of support and helping each other. This is a very caring community of learners.  Our children love learning and are a joy to teach and be around.  Our teachers, staff, and parents work together for the good of students.  We strive to instill in everyone in our learning community that we want everyone to have meaningful opportunities to meet their full potential academically, emotionally, and socially,”  said Donna Gill, May Werthan Shayne Principal
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