Celebrating Glendale

Celebrando a Glendale: MNPS Spanish Immersion Elementary School
Posted on 10/05/2021
Glendale pre-K graduation

Glendale Elementary is the Spanish immersion school in Nashville. Its founding belief is that learning another language is a critical building block for tomorrow’s global leaders. This is demonstrated through the curriculum, which recognizes diversity and cultural awareness. Glendale students in front of mosaic mural.
The curriculum for reading and language arts is taught in English, while Spanish is taught through math, science, and some social studies. 

Glendale’s vision is to be the top-performing Spanish immersion school for elementary children in the nation. The efforts to meet this goal can be seen in their Every Student Known practices. Students start the day greeted by name by faculty and staff. This daily ritual starts at arrival and continues through morning and wrap meetings, which are for students to share their daily academic experiences. 

Glendale has three school colors to show school pride: blue, red, and yellow. 

Their unique mascot is a pony, a reminder of Glendale’s rich history. The school’s property was part of Glendale Park, which was home to the Glendale Park Zoo starting in 1912. The Great Depression forced the closure of the park in 1932. An original carousel pony from the zoo was donated to the school and is on display in Glendale’s front lobby.

Glendale was a middle school for many years before it was converted to a Spanish immersion school in 2004. It has been called a “magical place” by author Andy Lane, who wrote a book about the property called Glendale: Nashville’s Magical Park. Lane goes on to say about the area, “a wonderful, special place Glendale was, and will forever be.” 


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Glendale students sing "Me Gusta Glendale"


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