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Napier: Working Together to Inspire Leaders, Learners & High Achievers
Posted on 10/04/2021
Napier Elementary Students

Napier Elementary School’s motto is “Working together to inspire leaders, learners, and high achievers.”

This commitment is demonstrated in Napier's Every Student Known daily practices. Every student is expected to be a leader who is respectful, gracious, and kind. Students are held to a high academic expectation through rigorous student-centered instruction, guided by individual student plans. Napier teachers outside by mural

All students are encouraged to track their individual data through their leadership notebooks while teachers track individual student FAST data in the data room. The school also attempts to engage students and families by hosting a monthly family supper. 

Napier is also a Leader in Me School, where Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is taught starting as early as pre-kindergarten.

Recently, they achieved the Lighthouse Certification from FranklinCovey. This benchmark is awarded to Leader in Me Schools that have produced positive student outcomes by implementing the process with fidelity and excellence.

The school mascot is a bear, and the school colors are red and black. 

Napier is a pillar in the community it serves. This is reflected in the school’s history. The original Napier School building opened in 1898, helping to relieve the student population at nearby Pearl School. The school is named for Henry Alonzo Napier, a member of the prominent Nashville Napier family.

Napier’s family has a rich history in politics, finance, and education, and it spent the early 1900s trying to make Nashville a better place for African Americans. Alonzo Napier was only the second African American man to be admitted into the United States Military Academy, also known as West Point. After leaving West Point in 1872, he became a schoolteacher.

Napier Fun Facts

  • Named a Tennessee Reward School in 2019 
  • Has over 80 Community Partners
  • In 2019, Napier served as a school host for the National Football League during the NFL draft

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