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Apollo Middle: Diversity, Rigor and Arts Focus
Posted on 09/23/2021
Apollo Students

Apollo Middle School, proudly known as the “Apollo Astros,” is in Antioch and opened in 1968 as Apollo Junior High. The school was named for the Apollo 1 Space Mission and honors the astronauts who lost their lives during that mission in 1967. 

When the school opened, it had a modular concept, which allowed classrooms to open into lecture halls or be sectioned off for individual use. The school housed grades seven through nine and fed into Antioch High School. 

Apollo Middle School has since evolved and grown into a school that is now known for its diversity, rigor, and focus on the arts. Since 2010, Apollo has undergone a series of renovations that included additional classroom spaces and a state-of-the-art library.  

On a regular basis, Apollo makes sure to put into practice their mission, vision, and belief: 

Mission Statement

“Apollo Middle School will provide unwavering, rigorous, and equitable opportunities for knowledge in an environment that celebrates the whole learner.”  

Vision Statement 

“Apollo Middle School will provide an exemplary learning environment that encourages and celebrates achievement while embracing diversity and produces seekers of knowledge who are prepared for a precipitately changing world.”  

Belief Statement 

 “At Apollo Middle School, our students’ innumerable contributions to a diverse learning community bolster the skills needed to flourish in education and beyond.” 

Moreover, Apollo strives to make sure Every Student is Known through the following actionable steps: 

  • By developing a Student Council, composed of students from all grade levels, that meets with school leaders to incorporate activities that make students feel welcomed and celebrated. Additionally, the council discusses policies and procedures and makes changes as needed. 
  • Each year, Apollo has implemented showcases and cultural activities for students to celebrate not only their talents but their cultures as well. More than 22 different languages are spoken at Apollo, and approximately 40 different countries are represented.  
  • Teachers set aside days for data chats with students to discuss individual data and areas for improvement. These data chats occur after each Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment.  
  • Project-based learning committees work collaboratively with the Multi-Tiered System of Support to implement necessary Tier I supports to ensure all students succeed in the academic environment. School-wide incentives and inclusive activities occur quarterly to ensure students feel a sense of belonging. 
  • Social-emotional learning (SEL) support teams monitor student absenteeism rates and provide tiered supports to address chronic and excessive absenteeism rates.  


  • Increased Community Partners  
  • Clothing Closet and Food Pantry to assist families in need 
  • Technology integration to enhance instruction, including software programs and Promethean boards, which are interactive panels with touchscreens that increase student engagement  

“Diversity is not a choice; but unity is. It exists all around us because of the different outlooks on life, experiences, and beliefs,” Apollo Middle Executive Principal Stephanie N. Adams said. “At Apollo, we embrace our diversity and uniqueness while uniting for a common purpose, which is the success of all students who enter the doors of our school.


Apollo is known for its diverse demographic makeup. Most climates are diverse because everyone brings a range of different ideas, approaches, and background knowledge to every situation. Change takes place when all those things align for the betterment of the whole. I believe that the faculty and staff of Apollo Middle School are in alignment and strive to improve the lives of students. I am extremely proud of the direction in which Apollo Middle School is heading.”

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