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East Middle Cheerleaders
East Nashville's International Baccalaureate Middle School
Posted on 09/09/2021
East Nashville Middle Mascor

East Magnet Middle School shares a campus with its high school counterpart, East High. They are both named for their location in east Nashville.

Their historic school building was built in 1932 amid the Great Depression for 1,500 high school students. The middle school shared the same facility with the high school from 1993-2004. In 2005 the schools were separated into two facilities following renovations. Celebration of Schools logo

East Middle School has seen several curriculum changes but is proud to have recently been authorized as an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, a pathway students will be able to continue on when they get to East High.

East Middle practices Every Student Known with a school-sponsored mentorship program in which every student, faculty member, and staff member is a participant. They reinforce student achievement and positive behavior by rewarding students with the opportunity to earn time in their "Eagle's Nest." The “Nest” is a dedicated game room filled with fun games and prizes.

The red and gray “East Eagles” did not have to look far for their mascot, according to the book A Bicentennial Chronicle... Metro Nashville Public Schools 1976.

“When the students arrived (in the fall of 1932), they found a school building, but no school song, no school colors, no school paper, no library, no school athletics team and no clubs,” the authors wrote.

What the students did find were “the impressive stone eagles” at the entrance, inspiring the names of school teams and publications ever since.

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