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Hull-Jackson students in class
The State's Longest-Operating Public Montessori
Posted on 09/08/2021
Hull-Jackson students at recess

Hull-Jackson Elementary has the honor of being the first public Montessori school for Davidson County students and serves up to 600 students, including Pre-K. Hull-Jackson students in class

Hull-Jackson practices Every Student Known while keeping the Montessori philosophy of every student having a work plan that is tailored to their academic and social and emotional learning needs and goals.

The school uses multi-age classrooms with students from several grades grouped together, a Montessori hallmark that lets children learn from one another by observing and interacting.

The Montessori educational philosophy revolves around hands-on, self-motivated learning activities.

“Hull-Jackson is an extraordinary school where students are able to explore, learn, and experiment with innovative ideas as well as express and learn how to use their voice,” said Executive Principal Dr. Marti Cantrell. “The community which embraces the school is one that is completely invested and committed to the success of its students throughout their educational journey.”

Hull-Jackson’s students wear navy, yellow, and white to show their school pride and have a peace dove as their school mascot. The school’s name is a combination of two prominent community leaders who served as former Metro Schools principals: Oscar Robert Jackson and John Clifford Hull, community activists who embodied the Montessori philosophy.

In 1996, Hull-Jackson welcomed third and fourth grade students to a temporary location while the current facility was under construction.


Fun Facts about Hull-Jackson

  • It is the longest operating public Montessori school in the state of Tennessee.
  • Hull-Jackson is the first elementary school in MNPS to offer the Suzuki Strings program to K-5 students. 
  • It was selected for the Disney Music in Schools writing curriculum for “The Lion King.”

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