Celebrating J.T. Moore

Celebrating J.T. Moore Middle
Posted on 08/26/2021
J.T. Moore Cafeteria and Logo

JT Moore Middle mural of Giving Tree

Home of the Matadors

J.T. Moore Middle School, named after Tennessee librarian and archivist John Trotwood Moore, first opened its doors in September 1969.

Today, J.T. Moore serves 700 students in fifth through eighth grades and is one of only five middle schools in the district that offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) Program.

Students and families are active partners with staff at J.T. Moore, and the school has one of the largest middle school parent support organizations in the district.

“We are a middle school with a true sense of community,” said Dr. Gary Hughes, executive principal. “Our students serve in our school but also provide service to the community as they fill their annual service requirements. Our families bond together through service to support each other and our community.” Student in JT Moore science class

At J.T. Moore, the faculty and staff use a combination of tools and strategies to assure Every Student is Known, such as social-emotional learning supports, the Navigator Program, and the IB Learner Profile, which focuses on the following skill sets:

  • Inquirer - students will question the world around them
  • Knowledgeable - students will learn a wide variety of content
  • Thinker - students will learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as how to be a lifelong learner
  • Communicator - students will learn to convey information in many different formats
  • Principled - students will live with integrity and concern for others
  • Open-minded - students will learn to accept and reflect on opinions that are different than theirs

The "Moore” You Know

  • J.T. Moore is an open-enrollment school and offers bus transportation, as well as before- and after-care.
  • The home of the Matadors, J.T. Moore proudly supports many different athletic programs, including club sports like lacrosse and swimming.
  • J.T. Moore hosts fun family events year-round like Beautification Day, Parent Coffees, Spaghetti Supper, and Motown.

Celebration of Schools

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Source: “A Bicentennial Chronicle, Metropolitan Public Schools, 1976”

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