Personalized Student Dashboard

Personalized Student Data Dashboard Launched
Posted on 05/11/2021
Personalized student data available

Families of MNPS students will now have on-demand access to assessment data, such as MAP, TCAP, and WIDA ACCESS scores, as well as a record of behavioral incidents, through the Infinite Campus Family Portal.

“While all of our signature initiatives are important to achieve our four core tenets, the Personalized Student Dashboard is one of those I’m most excited about, because it really ties together all of the work being done in the various areas in a way that will give parents, families, students, and staff access to critical information about their students’ progress and will inform the work that is done to support student learning and growth,” Director of Schools Dr. Adrienne Battle said.

Parent-facing data is a key part of the Every Student Known initiative to create focused outcomes for students that parents can monitor and track, outside of normal report cards, to see how their children are doing in the areas of literacy, numeracy, social-emotional learning (attendance and behavioral information), and transitions (moving between grade levels and onto college or a career).

“In my nearly 30 years with the district, parents have never had this type of on-demand access to this type of assessment data, which can give them a better view of how their child is doing from an academic and social-emotional perspective,” said Dr. Paul Changas, Executive Director of Research, Assessment, and Evaluations.

In addition to newly added assessment and behavioral fields, the Family Portal also contains grades, academic plans, attendance, and other information that can help give parents a deeper understanding and knowledge of their students’ progress.

To view the information, parents or guardians will need to have access to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Once there, you should look down to the “more” option on the left bar to find the “assessments” and “behavior” data that have been added.

The Parent Portal page has information on signing up for a portal account if you don't already have one.

Our Focused Outcomes page contains more information about the Signature Initiatives, Core Tenets, and Focused Outcomes that will drive the work of making Every Student Known.

Download the Student Dashboard Presentation.

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